What Are Your Best Experiences with Sex Toys?

What Are Your Best Experiences with Sex Toys?

Asking, “what are your best experiences with sex toys,” will prompt a variety of unique responses depending on who you ask. Humans are one of the only creatures on this planet that find pleasure in sex (aside from dolphins and female macaques), and as such, we have evolved our experiences to fit us like a glove.

If you’re interested in finding the answer to this question for yourself, here’s where to start.

What’s Your Motivation?

Finding your own best experience with adult toys will probably be at least somewhat different from another person’s journey. Though we’re all equal as human beings with the same basic needs and functions, our more in-depth preferences can vary a lot. What really lights one person’s fire might not have the same effect on another person and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Think about what you’re looking for. Maybe you like vibrators better. Maybe you prefer dildos. Maybe you’re new to the world of adult sex toys and you’re not at all sure. That’s okay, too. Everyone starts somewhere, so to pursue a journey toward your best experience with sex toys, think about yourself and your unique situation.

You might be looking for something that’s designed for one person or adult toys for couples. This is a great starting point, but also consider whether you’re looking for something aimed toward women, men, or a unisex item.

Discovering Your BEST Experience

The best experience you’re going to have might change as time passes, just like discovering a new favorite song. Don’t feel pressured right away to find adult toys that produce the perfect experience, because usually, that takes some experimentation.

Instead, think about what you already enjoy sexually. After all, a vibrator, masturbator, or dildo is a tool intended to enhance what you already like. If you’re new, the sky is the limit. You might cycle through several items before you find the one that works best for you.

To help you cut through the time and financial investment involved in creating the best experience for your individual needs, though, here are a few qualifying questions to ask yourself.

  1. Which material might you like (glass, silicone, hard plastic, etc.)?
  2. Might you want something that vibrates or something static?
  3. Do you know which type of lubricant to use?
  4. Is the toy for you to use solo or are you looking for something to try with your partner/partners?
  5.  Do you have mobility issues to consider?
    Some toy options are designed to be easier for people with mobility issues, injuries, or other health conditions.
  6. Do you think you might enjoy something intense or easy-going?
    For people who like something a little more vanilla, there are plenty of options. On the other hand, people who are into BDSM and the like also have unique offerings available.

There’s no easier time than the present to explore oneself sexually. The discreet options available through online shopping take so much of the worry and stigma out of shopping for sex toys. So take advantage of the privacy you have and look around for the item that’s going to give you a story to tell the next time someone asks about your best experience with sex toys.