About Us

More often than not, sexuality is confronted with dated judgements and ideals. However, here, at Naughty SA, we are firm believers in sex positivity. Sex positivity forms the foundation of Naughty SA.

We do not "yuck someone's yum" - we respect different strokes for different folks (pun intended!) We believe in sexual liberation, expression and exploration in all consensual aspects. Viewing sexuality as healthy and positive is extremely important to us - it should not be viewed as something to be ashamed of.

At Naughty SA, sexuality is unapologetically celebrated. Our main aim is to promote safe, healthy and consensual sexual acts. We encourage our customers to explore their desires - with or without partners.

The staff at Naughty SA are only human - just like you! Our own sexual identities and preferences are incredibly diverse, allowing us a greater understanding in different pleasure spheres. Whether it is a racy purchase or an exciting query, we pride ourselves on the fact that making our customers feel comfortable, safe and welcome is one of our main priorities.