IJOY Rechargeable Power Play

  • R 499.00

Rechargeable IJOY Power Play is sized to stay at your side but strong enough to deliver a powerful vibrating experience.
Select your favorite mode through the simple single button interface.
Enjoy the unbelievable quality for intense sensations without compromise.

Key Features

  1. Powered by a strong yet quiet motor with 10 functions
  2. Splash-proof
  3. Comes with USB charging cable
  4. Made of phthalate-free ABS plastic
  5. Easy-to-clean and body-safe
  6. Conveniently rechargeable
  7. Width: 0.85 inch, Length 4.2 inches

How to Charge

  • This rechargeable bullet includes a USB charging cord, Just plug in the rechargeable bullet.
  • LED signal light blinks when charging. Constant light once fully charged. You're ready for up to 1.5 hours of incredible vibration.

How to Clean

  • Clean in warm water with mild soap.