JoyDivision Aquaglide - Cherry - 100ml

  • R 299.00

The JoyDivision Aquaglide Cherry adds a little extra sweetness to your intimate play.

The pleasant tasting and indulgent fragrance will immerse your body into  a sensual experience. Aquaglide Cherry is tasty enough to use for oral sex as well and the texture of this water based Lubricant as well as being a good choice for anal sex.

A Little Goes  A Long Way

Just a few drops of Chrystal clear Joy Division Aquaglide Cherry is medically branded that provides long lasting moisture, comfort, scent and taste.


  • Water soluble and greaseless
  • Long-lasting lubricant
  • A little goes a long way
  • Latex compatiable
  • pH-optimised (for intimate ph balance)
  • Sugare Free
  • Vegan