Jumping Rabbit Rouser

Jumping Rabbit is Roger Rabbit Vibrator’s cousin! The shaft rotates whilst the rabbit vibrates at 2 speeds. Takes 4 x AA batteries, not included. Once the World’s best selling vibrator – thanks to ‘Sex and the City’. Thank you Charlotte!

This vibrator has a tip with a sensational twisting action to really stimulate that G-Spot. The rotating beads add another dimension to the pleasure sensation, whilst the bunny paws cuddle and tickle your clitoris. This vibrator does not disappoint. The vibrator is multi-functional and multi-speed.

It has a multi-speed control. The tip has a sensational twisting action for getting to just the right spot. The rotating beads add another dimension to the pleasure sensation, whilst the bunny ears go to work and tickle your clitoris. All designed to take you well beyond your normal pleasure zone.

An upgraded version of the famous Sex and the City vibrator, Jumping Rabbit really spices up your shower or bath!

  • Vibrating rabbit ears focus on your clit
  • Rotating tip gives it a life like feel
  • Massaging beads add the perfect touch
  • Play with dual vibration & rotation modes
  • Built-in controller for easy access
  • Made from soft jelly for your comfort
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries, sold separately

Two fast-vibrating rabbit ears focus directly on your clit, while the rotating tip and massaging beads give the Rabbit vibrator a more life-like and natural feeling.

Jumping Rabbit rotation and 2 vibration speeds. Both are controlled separately, giving you multiple different combinations for you to try. Simply press the buttons in the controller to change the speeds and turn the motors on and off. A

The toy comes with the controller built right into the base, completely eliminating the need for an old-fashioned wired remote. The built-in controller lets you change the vibration and rotation speeds quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for the blended orgasm, you have to try a rabbit style vibrator!