Oxballs Sackjack Wearable Sheath

  • R 1,399.00


SACKJACK - Oxballs' award-winning multi-use wearable masturbation sleeve. It is made from Oxballs' super blubbery SuperFLEXtpr so it grips and molds to the wearer like a second skin. The inner sheath is lined with nubs and ridges that massage and stimulate during masturbation. Holes at the base of the built in sling fit 4mm electro contacts and double as ''drainage holes'' for watersports and  lubes.

  • Total Length: 19.05cm
  • Width: 5.72cm - 8.89cm
  • Main Hole Circumference: 13.7cm
  • Shaft Hole Circumference: 8.89cm
  • Ball Hole Circumference: 8.89cm
  • Shaft Length: 12.7cm
  • Smallest Usable Shaft Circumference: 12.7cm
  • Largest Usable Shaft Circumference: 17.15cm
  • Weight: 255g