How Long Should a Sex Toy Last? - A Joyful Exploration

How Long Should a Sex Toy Last? - A Joyful Exploration

Sex toys have a shelf life, and they don't necessarily expire in apparent ways. Some adult sex toys survive for decades, while others for only a few months. It can be more difficult to tell when your cherished jelly dildo needs to be laid to rest compared to when your rabbit's ears just won't whisper sweet nothings to your valva. If you want to retain your toys for as long as possible, you must keep them clean and secure. Keep reading to find out when it's the right time to say goodbye to your beloved adult toys.

What is the Recommended Lifespan of Jellies and Soft Rubber Sex Toys?

Jelly Toys have been a major source of joy and sexual passion for many people when they celebrate self-love and their passion and affection for their partners. Jellies and soft rubber adult toys like dildos, anal sex toys, and vibrators are difficult to clean and disassemble, and they may easily become a breeding ground for germs that can cause infections. Because of how difficult it is to keep these sexual wonders clean and well-maintained, their life span is typically two to three months if they are properly cared for.

If you want to extend the life of your jelly toys and masturbators, you must examine them often to ensure there are no apparent concerns such as cracks, rips, or mold forming on or in the toy. Rubber sex toys have a somewhat longer lifespan, but because rubber is a porous substance, the same principles apply. You should also inspect your soft toys for any debris, dust, or hair that may have clung to them.

What is the Recommended Lifespan of Silicone, TPR, and Real Skin Adult Toys?

Silicone and TPR toys are non-porous, very sturdy, and hypoallergenic. These toys are the best for lovemakers who are looking for a little bit of flexibility and tenderness. The best thing about silicone adult toys is that they can be completely sanitized after each use, which makes them safer. Because of their long-lasting material, silicon adult toys can last for many decades if well taken care of.

Moreover, Realskin toys have an extremely supple and flexible texture. However, because of their porous nature, they are more likely to tear or rip if handled harshly or improperly. A unique powder and thorough care instructions are typically included with the majority of Realskin toys, ensuring that they last as long as possible. It's also a good idea to keep your RealSkin toy apart from the rest of your collection by storing it in a soft fabric such as a sheet. If not overused, RealSkin toys may last up to five years if properly maintained. 

Give Your Toys Some Love and Care

Your favorite sex toys may not last forever, but appropriate care and upkeep may make a significant difference. Make sure to examine your toys often for signs of damage, as well as signs that they may need to be replaced. Check for fractures or dents in toys made of hard materials like plastic. Look for pockmarks and tears in toys with softer, more porous materials. Visit Naughty SA to browse a collection of fun sex toys for couples, as well as adult toys for women and men.