The Best Water-Based Lubricants for Your Needs

The Best Water-Based Lubricants for Your Needs

Partners use lubricants to minimize friction when being frisky. Many prefer water-based lubricants, gels or fluids engineered from a glycerin or cellulose solution mixed with water. These sex lubes are soluble and can be easily cleaned. The earliest types of personal lubricants were water-based.

Many sex experts still endorse silicone lubes as they're slippery. But they aren't the best pick, especially if you're using a silicone sex toy or someone's allergic to silicone. Water-based lubricants are also simply easier to use. They dry on their own, absorbing into the skin, leaving only small bits of residue. Some manufacturers use moisturizers in the best lube for sexual intercourse.

Best Water-based Lubes

For comfortable, heightened sex, there's nothing better than a good water-based lube. But picking the right one that gives you elasticity and combats vaginal dryness and pumps up the experience, you should go after only the best of the best lube for sex. Consider some of the products below.


For good sex, you can stop looking after you apply a little Fleshlube to the proceedings. We recommend using it with Fleshlight to enhance intimate moments with partners and/or toys. Fleshlube gets superb reviews as an anal sex lube. The substance doesn't leave you feeling sticky or gooey and a little water breaks Fleshlube down for a quick clean.

Waterglide Intimate Lubricant

Produced from 100% natural components, Waterglide has a light and pleasant consistency that makes lovemaking and play an intense sensory experience. With panthenol gently moisturizing skin, you get a perfect pH balance that safeguards female genital. Waterglide is non-greasy and easily washed away. That translates into no unpleasant residue.

Malesation Anal Relax Lube 

Designed to ensure relaxation and less friction during anal interaction, Malesation Anal Relax is gentle to the skin. It supports the body's natural moisture balance. Compatible with latex, ingredients promise to promote a cooling effect. There will be a slight numbing as well which is where the relaxation in the anal region comes in. Lastly, you never have to worry about the typical thickening or clumping that creates friction and displeasure.

Lovense Water-based Lubricant

The Lovense lubricant checks off all the right benefits: anal, oral and vaginal use; compatible with latex and silicone; condom friendly; glycerin- and paraben-free; and is hypoallergenic. The formulation won't promote yeast infections or bacterial growth. Neither tacky or sticky, the lube's ideal for sensual touch and relaxing massage. We promise it'll add a sultry ambiance to all your intimate moments.

Assegai Original Water-based Lubricant — Strawberry

Great for play and passionate encounters, Assegai's strawberry-flavored lube steams up the action. Its application is smooth and intense. The product is condom safe and oil free, washing off easily and leaving no stains, especially if you're enjoying the strawberry taste. This product is a long-lasting solution given a thumb's up by sex therapists, doctors and OB-GYNs. The lube's not toxic and is pH balanced. And for moms-to-be, the product's pregnancy-safe.

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