How to Use Sex Lube?

How to Use Sex Lube?

Do you find sex to be uncomfortable, irritating, and dry? Sex lube may be your answer!

Sex lubricants come in many different liquid and gel forms. There are many benefits of lube, but the main purpose is to limit friction during sex and increase pleasure.

You may be wondering how to use lube and what is the best sex lube for you? This guide is here to help!

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Finding the Best Sex Lube

There are many different types of lube. The most popular kinds are water-based lube, oil-based lube, silicone-based lube, and petroleum-based lube. There are also lubes that use water and silicone combined.

Water-based lubes are the most commonly used and are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Water-based lubes are also not known to leave stains on blankets or bedsheets and can be used with condoms and sex toys.

The one downside is that water-based lube may need to be reapplied throughout sex because it does not last as long as other lubricants.

Oil-based lubes have an oily, lotion-like consistency. They may work decently when it comes to oral sex but are not recommended to use with condoms as they can cause breakage. They also are known to cause vaginal infections in women.

Likewise, petroleum-based lubes also are not recommended as they can lead to condom breakage and alter the PH level in the vagina leading to infections.

Silicone-based lubes last the longest and are safe to use with condoms. However, this lube may leave stains on surfaces and can cause sex toys to deteriorate.

How to Use Lube

So, you've gone shopping for lube and are ready to get down to business. Before using your lube, it is recommended to place a towel underneath yourself, especially if your lube causes staining.

Next, you or your partner will want to rub a small amount of the lubricant between your hands to warm up the liquid.

From here, the lube can be applied to the exterior of the condom if intercourse is taking place. You may also add a tiny amount into the condom near the tip of the penis. Be sure to always be careful when removing the condom after penetration as lubricants can sometimes cause the condom to slip off.

If you are using lube for masturbation, you can apply it directly to the genitals before stimulation.

You can also add your lubricant to your sex toy or use it for foreplay and massage.

Using Sex Lube

This guide filled you in on how to use sex lube and how to find the best sex lube for you. Overall, sex lube can make a tremendous difference in the comfort of your sex life.

Be sure to take proper precautions and read all instructions upon buying your lube, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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