Should you use lube for sex?

Should you use lube for sex?

In a word? Yes. We all know that friction is what makes the world go round, but you can have too much of a good thing. Lubes keep things safe and pleasant during intimate moments, no matter how adventurous those moments may be.

Why Use Lube?

Simply put, lube provides ease during sex. Many people think that lube is just for people who aren't aroused enough, for anal sex, or for playing with toys. That's simply not true. It does provide advantages in these situations, but even for the most excited couples, adding lube reduces your risk of injury during sex. Plus, if you're using condoms, lube helps reduce friction and reduces the amount of tearing and breakage, which in turn reduces unplanned pregnancies and STD risks.

Choosing the Right Lube for Intercourse

You may assume lube is lube, but the truth is there are many types of lube for different situations. Lubes are made with different base ingredients and can be tailored for different experiences.

Anal Intercourse

Because the anal canal does not provide any lubrication itself, lube is definitely necessary for anal intercourse. Water-based lubes, such as Pjur Back Door Comfort Glide, are safe for use with toys or intercourse, as well as being safe for use with condoms. Many lubes made specially for anal activities also include some sort of extra relaxation properties to put those muscles at ease. Malesation Anal Relax Lubricant actually contains two ingredients which aid in numbing the area.

Vaginal Intercourse

When it comes to lube for intercourse of the traditional variety, there are may options. Silicone-based lubes, such as Pjur Woman Silicone, are long-lasting. This is great because there's no need to stop and reapply mid-session. However, silicone lubes can damage silicone sex toys, so it is best used between lovers. It also doubles as a great massage oil. 

Water-based lubes are safe for skin to skin contact and for toys. These lubes are basic, and a great starter point for those who have never used lube before. For the more adventurous, lubes like WaterGlide Tingling Lubricant have added ingredients that cause a pleasant tingling sensation when applied.

Oral Intercourse

Contrary to popular belief, just spit isn't always enough to fully lubricate for oral activities. Many lubes are specially formatted for oral use, being safe to swallow and flavored. Assegai Water-based Lubricants are available in a range of flavors from spearmint to strawberry. For those who are less experienced with oral activities, these flavors along with the easy glide formulas can enable the experience to last much longer.

Choose to Lube

Whether you're getting in some quality time with yourself or spending time with a loved one, lube can make almost any sex act a more pleasant experience. You might prefer a little tingle when you tango or need some help relaxing into the fun. Lube provides these solutions and many more.