Can Sex Toys Make Your Sex Life Better?

Can Sex Toys Make Your Sex Life Better?

Did you know that only 27% of women orgasm every time they have sex?

That is a shockingly low figure and reflects a pretty sorry state of affairs! Just over half of men reach orgasm, too, which is lower than many people expect.

If you're suffering from a low in your sex life and aren't diving to the bedroom every time you see your partner, it could be time to introduce sex toys. Not sure if they're for you?

Let's take a look at how they can help to find out more.

Increase the Chance of Orgasm

Whether you're looking at sex toys for women or a male sex toy, both can help you reach orgasm. For women, clitoral stimulation plays a large part in climaxing. A vibrator can make it easier to stimulate the clitoris during sex, helping both partners have a good time. 

Penis rings with vibration settings can be fun for both men and women, adding plenty of pleasure to your experience.

Reduce Performance Anxiety 

Around 9-25% of men experience performance anxiety in the bedroom, along with between 6-16% of women. Feeling inadequate isn't uncommon, but it can really hinder your sex life.

By introducing fun sex toys for couples into the bedroom, you can take some of the pressure off of yourself. Let the dildo do some of the work for you! Toys can create different sensations that humans can't, helping both of you enjoy sex more.

Bring You Both Together

If you're feeling distant from your partner, some of the best sex toys for couples can help you feel closer to one another. There are vibrators designed for use by both partners, whether same-sex or heterosexual. Give these a try and experience pleasure together.

Add Some Excitement Back to the Bedroom

There's a reason why sex toys for married couples and sex toys for older couples are a big hit! Over time, it's normal to become a bit bored in the bedroom. Introducing a sex toy can shake things up a bit, encouraging you to try something new and bringing back some of that nervous excitement as you explore each other's bodies. 

Help With Communication

When you try sex toys for couples, you have to talk about it. You can't just whip out anal beads or bondage ties without a word! 

For some people, this is incredibly healthy. It opens up a line of communication about what feels good, what they're comfortable with, and what they're not. When it comes to sex, never underestimate the power of words.

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