Where Can I Buy Dildos Online?

Where Can I Buy Dildos Online?

A byproduct of living in a digital age is the simple and straightforward purchase of sex toys online. 

You may be getting bored of your current dildos. Perhaps they're past their prime. Or perhaps they don't, uh, measure up like they used to, and you're looking for a size upgrade.

As a veteran sex toy consumer, you understand not all toys are equal, and not all retailers are reputable.

Let's take away the guesswork: kick back and find out where you can buy dildos online.

Buy Dildos Online: Broken Down by Type

  • Huge realistic dildos
  • Huge partner dildos
  • Really huge dildos (if you're looking for a challenge)

1. Huge Realistic Dildos

Huge realistic dildos can be divided into two broad categories: somewhat realistic and incredibly realistic. What can make this difference clear is the color palette and the anatomical features. 

For example, the 8" Lumino Play Dildo has realistic veins on the shaft and a defined head, but is missing the balls. The toy is made of glow-infused body-safe TPE. In the light, it's an opaque white but will glow in the dark.

For an incredibly realistic dildo, The Real One Penis Dildo is a great option. It's large, skin-colored, veiny, and has testicles.

Both of these big realistic options come with suction cup bottoms for the potential of a hands-free experience.

2. Huge Partner Dildos

Huge dildos don't have to be solo endeavors! Using dildos with your partner can change up your routine and can increase sexual satisfaction in your relationship. While one of you can manually use a dildo on the other, strap-ons are a spicy alternative and not just reserved for same-sex couples.

If your partner has their own "built-in dildo," the Malesation Boyfriend Strap On is a must-try. This strap-on is hollow, so it has space for your partner's existing anatomy.

Whether you're looking to extend your bedroom activities or experiment with bigger appendages, this is a great choice.

The Easy Strapon Set is just like the name: easy and big. This set includes an 8.5-inch real feel dildo and adjustable harness. It's considered one of the most realistic satisfactions in the strap-on market.

3. Really Huge Dildos

Let's be honest: this is the section of the post you came here for. The other sections were informative, but you clicked the link to read about this.

The Realistic 9.5 Inch Curved Dildo stands out in the sea of absurdly large dildos. This toy is girthy, veiny, and flesh-toned with a suction cup. It is huge and satisfying, but still bears a resemblance to the real thing.

If you're in the market for a really huge almost fantastical dildo, look no further than the 10" Dual Layered Platinum Silicon Cock. A 10" length is nothing to scoff about, but what really makes this dildo incredible is the dual-layered shaft. The two layers move in a superbly lifelike way.

Which Huge Dildo Really Spoke to You?

The sheer number of huge dildos that exist is mind-boggling, but we hope this short list helped you decide if you wanted to buy dildos online. 

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