5 Key Reasons Why Adult Sex Toys Heighten Intimacy

5 Key Reasons Why Adult Sex Toys Heighten Intimacy

Sex is one of the deepest and most intimate experiences one person can exchange with another. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or beginning a new marriage, sexual passion matters. There are numerous reasons why sex toys can assist in this process. Consider the following five.

1. Sex Toys Assist in Exploration for Deeper Satisfaction

Studies suggest that 10-15% of women don't know what it's like to experience an orgasm. This means that a number of women are having sex, but they don't actually enjoy it. This can lead to a deep sense of dissatisfaction in the relationship. Instead of settling for bad sex, begin to explore by introducing sex toys like dildos and masturbators into the bedroom. By exploring different sensations and feelings, it's easier to discover what feels good and what your partner needs to do in order to help you achieve that orgasm. 

2. Adult Sex Toys Increase Spontaneity

When a couple is in a long-term relationship like a marriage, you already know your partner's moves and expectations. As a result, it's easy to plateau. Adding sex toys into the equation can also serve as a catalyst for a couple to try new ideas, poses and more. Finding the right adult sex toys can be equivalent to finding the right workout to help a person break out of their weight loss plateau. 

3. Dildos and Other Toys Can Compensate for Physical Challenges

If a woman is experiencing the discomfort of menopause or the man is experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction, this doesn't mean that the sexual intimacy has to end. While it's challenging to deal with, adult sex toys can add a new element to experience the beloved orgasm. If a partner is dealing with a certain injury and is unable to move in certain ways, they can use various sex toys in interesting ways to help their partner experience an orgasm. When used correctly, dildos can compensate in great ways. 

4. Adult Sex Toys Help Improve Quality of Health and Life

Health impacts a person's quality of life. If a couple continuously has great sex, this leads to lower blood pressure,  a harmonious balance of hormones and better sleep. These are just a few of the health benefits. It's much easier to achieve great sex when a couple actively uses sex toys and other pleasurable positions, ideas and tools into the bedroom. 

5. Masturbators and Other Toys Assist in Developing Deeper Connections

When you two decide to bring adult toys for couples into the experience, this only continues to deepen the intimacy between you two. Even if someone has multiple partners, they're not usually trying to deepen the intimacy with all of their partners. It's usually a surface-level type of intimacy. Most people will only include adult toys when they're really trying to develop a stronger and better connection with one person. 

As you and your partner continue to connect with each other, give each other grace as you two are learning each other in new ways. Have fun with the process. Sex and sex toys are meant to be thoroughly enjoyed!