Do Fleshlights Feel Like the Real Thing?

Do Fleshlights Feel Like the Real Thing?

Did you know that only 53% of Americans believe that sex toys can be useful for men?

Unfortunately, men's sex toys still hold some stigma in society, but the Fleshlight is helping people with penises increase their confidence and improve their sex lives. Fleshlights are one of the most prolific sex toys on the market.

Are you curious about what a Fleshlight feels like? Eager to learn more before investing in this sex toy?

Read all the juicy details about Fleshlights and how to buy a fleshlight online. 

Fleshlight Design and Materials

Fleshlights are designed to be discreet, easy to clean, and realistic. The outer plastic shell houses a removable sleeve made from Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin material. SuperSkin is incredibly soft, supple, and flexible.

Your experience with a Fleshlight partially depends on the model of Fleshlight you have. There are many types of fleshlights to choose from, including vagina, mouth, butt, and non-anatomical models. The exterior design of your Fleshlight option may correlate with the inner feeling of the toy.

What Do Fleshlights Feel Like?

Before purchasing your Fleshlight, check out a photo of the inner texture. Bumps, ribs, swirls, and tight walls vary between Fleshlight models. Other features, like vibration, may also influence a user's experience.

Here's the Real Deal

Fleshlights are incredibly popular because they feel very similar to real sex. For most users, the Fleshlight far outcompetes their own hands and other male masturbators

The SuperSkin material closely mimics a natural person's skin. Bumps and ridges inside the toy are flexible and soft, like a real flesh-and-blood vagina, anus, or mouth. Unlike your hand, the generous length of the toy allows for surrounding stimulation of the entire penis. 

The external opening of the toy looks and feels like a real bodily orifice of your choice. You can even purchase Fleshlights modeled after your favorite porn star!

The screw cap on most Fleshlight models allows the user to adjust the air pressure inside the toy. Insert your penis before tightening the cap to create suction while you stroke, mimicking oral sex!

Here's What's Missing

Fleshlights come pretty darn close to imitating real vaginas and other body parts. However, there are some things the classic toy doesn't provide. 

Body heat sets real sex apart from sex toys. When you penetrate a real vagina or anus, it's inside another person. The warmth from their body adds to the overall stimulation. 

The presence of another person is key to real sexual experiences, but that is the only area where Fleshlights could be considered "lacking." 

Overall, Fleshlights are a versatile toy to keep in your bedroom boudoir. Fleshlights make it easy to simulate sex on your own, build your endurance, or spice things up with a partner! 

Tips for Using Your Fleshlight

To make your Fleshlight feel even more realistic, you can heat the toy with clean, warm water before use. Then, add plenty of lube and tighten the screw cap to your preferred intensity!

As with any silicone sex toy, you should always use a quality water-based lubricant. Oil and silicone-based lubes can cause the toy to degrade over time. 

To prolong the life of your Fleshlight, clean the toy immediately after you've finished using it. The soft inner sleeve is removable to make cleaning easy. Allow the Fleshlight to air dry completely and dust with cornstarch before resealing the cap and storing it for next time. 

Where to Buy a Fleshlight Online

These toys offer a truly unique experience for people with penises. The best way to understand how a Fleshlight feels is to buy one! Treat yourself to some next-level pleasure!

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