How Much Do Realistic Dildos Cost?

How Much Do Realistic Dildos Cost?

Realistic dildos are highly sought-after adult toys, and for good reason. However, if you’re new to shopping for sex toys, the price might be a concern.


Let’s cover how much realistic dildos cost on average as well as the components that influence the price of the product.

What is a Realistic Dildo?

A realistic dildo is an adult sex toy that’s designed to either look anatomically correct, feel anatomically correct, or both. These products tend to resemble male genitals more closely than a standard phallic-shaped toy.


For example, a realistic dildo might come with true-to-nature flesh colors, vein textures, or stretchy silicone “skin” material that enhances the user’s experience.


A realistic dildo will usually cost more than a standard dildo, but the features included will influence just how much more a realistic product is going to cost.

What Factors Influence Pricing?

There are several factors to focus on when it comes to realistic dildos, and some features matter more to certain consumers than others do. A sex toy’s realism can depend on the look, the feel, or both.


  • Material: Some materials used to construct a dildo might cost more than others. For example, a sculpted glass product is likely going to cost more than a silicone product.
  • Appearance: The appearance of a sex toy might also influence the price. If you want a dildo that looks lifelike, a certain level of artistry is involved. These details tend to cost a little more.
  • Texture: If by realism, you mean that you want a product that feels like skin, the price you pay might be a little steeper than it would be if you chose a product with a more toy-like feel.
  • Size: The size of the product will also influence the price because larger sizes require more material and smaller sizes require less material.
  • Added Features: Of course, if the dildo you want to buy also doubles as a vibrator, you might pay a little more for it than you would for a static product.

Average Cost of Realistic Dildos

On average, a realistic dildo costs between 300 and 1600 South African Rand (R), which is equal to between $17 and $95 in US money (approximately 16 to 90 Euro).


More expensive specialty products exist, too. A dual-layered highly realistic 10” product costs around 2,049 Rand, which is about $117 in US money.


Less expensive options are also worth checking out. A 6” realistic dildo can cost as little as 199 Rand (or just over $11 in US dollars).


This 8” dual-layered realistic dildo is a little more affordable at 719 Rand ($42 US), and it’s lifelike in appearance and texture.


For users who don’t care about the realistic scrotum that comes with many of these products, and want a color option that doesn’t mimic Caucasian skin, this 10.5” item might do the trick for 849 R (about $50 US). If the fully realistic anatomy is a must, and you prefer a darker tone, you might like this 11” dildo for 829 R ($48 US).


The sex toy market often aims to provide products that fit any budget, so if you’re looking for a realistic dildo and you’re shopping on a budget, take a bit of time to look around. You’ll surely find something that fits your price range and expectations.