Sex Tool Basics: How Dildos are Different From the Real Thing

Sex Tool Basics: How Dildos are Different From the Real Thing

The sex toy industry is growing strong and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Sex toy sales are expected to bring in nearly $40 billion this year alone, meaning more and more people are discovering the benefits of self-pleasure. 

Of all the sex toys on the market, dildos remain one of the most popular, making up 35% of owned toys according to 2022 data. This comes as no surprise; the versatility and functionality of the dildo make it one of the best toys for beginners and seasoned users alike. 

If you're new to dildos, you may find yourself wondering: What's the difference between a dildo and the real thing? Read on for the answer, and to find out what kind of dildo is right for you!

What does a dildo feel like?

Dildos are some of the most popular sex toys largely thanks to their functionality. They feel very much like being penetrated by a penis, making for a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. In addition to the sensation of being full, dildos also provide further stimulation to both the female g-spot and the male prostate gland, electrifying hundreds of nerve endings at once. With such capabilities, it's clear that using a dildo can lead to intense pleasure. 

The Main Difference Between a Dildo and the Real Thing

While dildos can be extremely satisfying to use, they differ in one major way from the real thing. This difference comes from the fact that a dildo is not attached to a real human being. Because of this, dildos can't provide the same closeness that having sex with someone who has a penis can. 

However, for those who are looking for a toy to use on their own or to enhance a sexual experience with a partner, dildos are the perfect, most realistic toy for the job. Plus, ultra-realistic models come extremely close to the real thing.

The Benefits of Using a Dildo

There are some benefits that dildos have over the real thing, one of which is their ability to be personalized. With so many types of dildos to choose from, you can pick one that meets your every need. From the size to the shape to the texture, dildos come in endless variations. Find the one that gives you the most pleasure and you won't even miss the real thing. 

Additionally, dildos can be extremely versatile when it comes to their use. With a dildo, you can control every element of your penetration for maximum pleasure. Plus, a dildo can even be a fun way to energize sex with your partner.

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